Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Steamboat Springs- Fourth of July!

We went away with our good friends the Waite’s to Steamboat Springs for the 4th of July!! It was a lot of fun being part of all the activities in such a beautiful place and such good friends!!!


All My Cute Boys!!



Easton and I at the river!DSC02569

 DSC02559    Brecken and Drew!! DSC02580

At the Parade!!

DSC02575 DSC02576DSC02579DSC02573

Easton took this picture of the fire truck…not too bad!!    


Fish Creek Falls!! While everyone was resting at the hotel I took Easton up to Fish Creek Falls. This waterfall usually is not very big but Steamboat has more water this year then over 100 years. So the water was gushing down and the river was moving super fast! Easton was a great hiker with me and even wanted to keep going!! Guess I finally have someone that likes to take adventures with me!!


Emilee Here!

My niece came out to visit us this last week. It was so nice to have my own “nanny” She was great and the kids love having her around. We took her to Belleveiw Park and to the Zoo and then her and I had a girls night out!! What fun…it really made me think I need a little girl for more days like that!!

Here are a few pics of the fun activities.  DSC02491 Picnic in the park!


At the Zoo

DSC02510    DSC02497   DSC02500 DSC02501 DSC02502 DSC02503   DSC02506

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Maddux

Maddux is 2!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little boy!!!

DSC02379 DSC02380 DSC02381 DSC02385 DSC02378

Here are some of the amazing things about Maddux at 2 years old

He loves to sing!! He can sing almost any song right on tune and can learn them pretty fast! It’s fun to just hear him going around and singing tunes all day

He loves Balls. He loves Books He loves Buttons and he Love Blues Clues….I guess he likes the letter B!!

Fast…this boy can run pretty fast…believe me I have chased him many of times!

Loves his family. Maddux just loves all of his family. Mostly Easton he is always wondering where he is and wants to play with him

Loves to color!! I love watching him color and concentrate so hard. He likes to draw little circles all over (paper or walls it doesn’t matter to him :)


We took our annual trip to UT this year and spent some much needed time with family!! We were all excited but Easton was so excited to sleep on the top bunk at Grandma’s house. We just love being there and being spoiled by Grandma. Also while we were there we celebrated Maddux’s birthday!! What a fun time!!


DSC02363 Maddux and Grandma Cook


Maddux having a GREAT time at Grandma’s I truly think I might have the grumpiest 2 year old around!! DSC02346

He’s only happy when he gets to lay on the couch and watch a show. He even kicked Phillip out of his favorite spot!! Maddux went in the room and saw Phillip sitting on the couch and yelled “Hey that’s mine” Move…!!


Here he is pulling his grumpy face again at his party. I think he was a little embarrassed that everyone was singing to him!! Although he would pull this face and then start laughing!DSC02348 DSC02360

Here are most of the 12 boys sitting on Grandma’s couch!! I can’t believe there are 12 of them!! DSC02336

Easton…what is that face :)

Last Day of School

So Easton had his last day of Pre-School. I don’t think I can go without saying that Easton loved loved loved his school class. He couldn’t wait to go to school everyday!! It was such a nice time to see him grow and learn all year. Thanks Miss Laurel for a great class!!!

DSC02329 DSC02301 DSC02321

They had this great little circus where all the kids from school were a circus act. Easton’s class was the cowboys and horses. (Hence the stick horse) Also look at how happy Easton’s face was at school!!! Oh I will miss this class. And of course Maddux couldn’t get away without taking a ride in the wagon :)

May 2011- Mother’s Day

Here are some things that happened to us in May

Mother’s Day- What a mother’s day…I had a great time with some GNO’s friends doing pedi’s and dinner. It was a blast and hope to do it again soon.

aime and friends clestie and aimee

Also I got to spend a great mother’s day with my 2 little boys. I love these boys to pieces and they truly bring me joy everyday! DSC02275 DSC02280 DSC02283

Don’t you just love this picture…this is usually our life around here, Easton picking on Maddux and making him cry and Easton loving every minute of it!!

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Here was our Easter festivities….

There was a great Easter Egg Hunt at Easton’s school with a fun cake are Maddux and Easton in the middle of it

DSC02255 DSC02256

Playing Bingo…

DSC02258 DSC02259



Then we attempted the Easter Egg hunt…

DSC02262 DSC02260 DSC02261

Good thing we had plenty of eggs at our house waiting for us when we got home!!!

DSC02263  DSC02269